Self Love

When it became time to write this caption I realized I had to ask myself, “what does self love mean to me?” and how does that support others?

Expression allows us to process emotions, so that we can show up with confidence from a more grounded and authentic way.

The song Lucky might not reflect self love in the way you think, not in the introspective self reflection. This song is playful, it’s sassy, it’s feminine and the portrait sessions I offer celebrates that. Girls just wanna have fun? Okay, bet. Let’s do it.

Despite all the selfies we’re taking on the daily, not everyone will have the bravery to step in front of the lens, just for fun. Embodying the queendom(/kingdom/etc) and not fake-feeling, but truly feeling worthy enough to be captured and witnessed. Surrendering to a lens that you have no control over.

By gifting yourself the time, space and literal spotlight to just be you, has healing powers all on its own. Put on your crown & step into your royal rein.

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ps. Annie Gee, Reiki Master Teacher, miss Creative Divine, has created a patreon as well! Click this link to join as a member!

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