Sea Films Patreon’s First Birthday!

The month of May marks a symbolic time in my creative evolution. 

My devotion to filmmaking all began with a grade school assignment called “Music Mania in May” where I created my first ever music video. Flash forward to May 2022, the Sea Films Patreon was first born, showcasing films including Love, again, Breaking up was Easy in the 90s and the short film series of Out of Reach

As any other creator out there, this page started from scratch with zero members. Though I am still working towards my ultimate goals and growth, I am celebrating the small wins along the way and this twelfth month of the Sea Films Patreon has held the largest collection of memberships! 

Thank you for being here and supporting my art. It’s not just about the money. Not one bit. But it is your contribution that supports the creation of more and better art, every month. 

I am grateful, proud and enthusiastic to continue on this platform – and I’ll always strive to do whatever I can to make this an exciting experience for you too! 

Art is all about connection and you don’t have to create to do so. We can get a deeper understanding of each other in learning about the art, music or films we consume. Connection inspires more love in our world. 

This is only the beginning 

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