My Wave

Now that we’re officially in the heat of the summer, I thought it to be the perfect time to share this special love letter of a film. 

Despite all that 2020 has brought to our world, this video is inspired by the sunsets and silver lining of a sweet Long Island summer. 

I was visiting home for a short trip the week that began the major worldwide lockdown. I had about 24 hours to decide where I wanted to get stuck, Costa Rica or New York. I chose New York. Though it was difficult to be away from my lover, it was worth it. (Another film on that soon? Let me know in the comments!) 

At the time, I was escaping New York for the jungle. Costa Rica is not an island, but I did have an off the grid, blue lagoon experience. I was dead-set on ditching civilization for beachy tropical living at the time. With that beauty, I still felt homesick, a fish out of water. How could there be such struggle in a place so beautiful? Thats another story.  

The pandemics politics aside, staying on Long Island (for about 8 months) gave me the time to fall back in love with home again, and all the special things about it. This is what I wanted to remember and hold onto. Friends. Family. Nature. Home. All the little things that have a big place in my heart. I am grateful to have these memories to choose to reminisce on, regardless of any changes in relationship or friendship statuses since this time. These memories cant be changed. 

I wish for nothing but all summers to be filled with the light and love this video connects me to. ✨

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