Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s

In connection to Sam Hunt’s music, and this song in particular, we sink into the aches of modern dating and hearts healing… because its through the hurting that we heal.

I am in no way, shape, or form a trained actor.

This was a vulnerable experience for me, or should I say, “method acting” experience. Many symbols dance around the screen in my art, especially this piece. Sure, it may be obvious that they are there and many may not know their meaning, but I do.

I have always believed that the proper emotions of this art will translate if created in that emotion. Maybe thats not what method-creating is, but it’s how I create.

It was never about what you do, but how you do [it].

Meaning, getting “deep in the feels” is what its all about. Music is the sound of emotion, the flow, the energy of it. The visuals I produce as a means of telling a story or connecting those emotions to a story is all based on feeling. Again, especially in this piece.

For the first time, in a long time, I gave myself the gift of picking up the camera with no expectations or attachment for an outcome. I surrendered to intuition and thus, Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s was created.

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